Why Was Charlie Sheen “Borrowing” $10 Million From Warner Bros.?

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen

So, after Charlie Sheen signed what turned out to be his last contract for "2 And A Half Men" where he was making $2 million an episode, he was taking a loan of $10 million dollars from Warner Bros., the producers of the show, with interest.  Why?

Sheen was paying close to $800,000 per paycheck and paid off the loan by episode 14, and got fired by episode 16.  Was Charlie in money trouble or was he making sure he was getting $10 million guaranteed from Warner Bros.?

People forget that Charlie did not want to sign on for a 7th season of the show in the first place.  I highly doubt he was/is in money trouble because no matter his habits, he couldn't have been blowing that much away.....right?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Still Not Winning....Duh!


Video~ U2 : The Unforgettable Fire

Before they had 10 Million people watching them on youtube, they were just a band from Ireland. It was 1984 and a band names U2 was starting to make strides.

25 years later, "The Unforgettable Fire" is getting a remaster. It is  in four different formats, with deluxe editions that feature two previously unheard tracks from the Slane Castle sessions: "Yoshino Blossom", and "Disappearing Act" as well as a limited edition Super Deluxe package which includes a DVD featuring music videos, a documentary and unreleased live footage from the Amnesty International Conspiracy of Hope Tour in 1986.

Will you be picking this up?-Dr.FB