2 Years Old

2 Year Old Kid Rapping Video Goes Viral In A Major Way

We wonder how soon until he gets signed. A 2-year-old Nigerian kid is rapping with his father and he has serious flow. Khaliyl Iloyi, 2 years old, is the son of Femi Iloyi aka smooflow is in a group with Roucheon and together they are called Royal Priesthood. They pulled out the video camera and caught Khaliyl all smiles […]

Casey Anthony To Be Released From Jail Within Week

Casey Anthony Photo: Joe Burbank

Casey Anthony was sentenced to 4 years in jail today.  However, she has spent 2 years and 10 months in jail already.  So with getting credit for time served and good behavior, she will be released next week, July 13th. Casey was also fined $4,000 for providing false information to police officers.  I am sure […]