Katy Perry Releases A New Make-Up-less Clip For Part Of Me #-D Clip

Here is another clip of Katy Perry's "Part Of Me 3-D" movie, where the singer is make-up free. Wonder if we will see all of that in 3D.

We know what most people will want to see in 3-D when it comes to Katy. Trying to see more substance on the singer and will it only cover up til the end of her tour, or show more....say after her divorce from actor Russell Brand. Guess we will have to find out.-DocFB


Death Doesn’t Like To Be Cheated In Final Destination 5 Trailer


Here is the new trailer for "Final Destination 5" that debuted this weekend.  It is the 2nd one to be released for the movie. 

Like most movies, this one will be in 3-D as well.  Check out the trailer and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  My Final Destination Will Be The Concession Stand


Spy Kids 4 Trailer Hits Net; In 3-D &….4-D?


Since when did Antonio Bandaras stop doing the Spy Kids movies?  After the 2nd one?  The Spy Kids 4 trailer has hit and features Jessica Alba and what looks like Joel McHale from "Community" in it.

The movie will be in 3-D and also 4-D, Aroma-Scope, with cards that allow the kids to smell what is going on the movie.  Oh boy.  Hopefully the dog not passing gas or someone throwing up, because, aside from Seth MacFarlane, who wants to smell that?

Don't remember how Spy Kids 3 did, but wonder how many guys will secretly go to it with Jessica Alba in it?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  I think I was Dragged To One.  Can't Remember Which One.


Modern Family Adds George Clooney Emmy Skit

"Modern Family" took in some major awards last night, winning best comedy and also best writing and Eric Stonestreet won best supporting actor even though 2 other cast members were nominated in the same category.

They even had a skit of an executive trying to make a great show even better, by adding Stewie from "Family Guy" and Sofia Vergara in 3-D.

None were a big hit....til George Clooney was brought in.  Check out what happens above!-Dr.FB


Sneak Peak Of “The Smurfs” Trailer

Here is a sneak peak of "The Smurfs" trailer. The movie, surprise, will be in 3-D.

Are you looking forward to "The Smurfs" movie?-Dr.FB


Avatar Rakes In $73 Million Despite Weather

Avatar Movie Poster
Avatar Movie Poster

Avatar Movie Poster

Even with the horrible weather on the East Coast, Avatar was able to rake in $73 million dollars on it's opening weekend and the movie may make more this weekend since many were not able to see it and because of word of mouth.

The movie almost made $10 million in Imax.

Did you all see it this weekend?  Did you see it in 3-D? Let us know!-Dr.FB


Jonas Brothers In 3-D Sneak Peek

Here is 3 minutes worth of clips you can access HERE!-Dr.FB