9 Million

Zac Efron To Be Next Spider-Man?

Wow.  There are rumors floating around Hollywood today that Zac Efron is going to be the next Spider-Man. If the rumor is true, Zac will be getting into Toby Macguire’s old tights and being paid $9 million to do so. The studio says they want Vanessa Hudgens to take over the role of Mary Jane […]

Michael Jackson Sales Top 9 Million Since Death

Since his passing June 25th, Michael Jackson’s CD sales have topped 9 million.  OK, I can’t be the only fool who had everything he had done.  Didn’t everyone own MJ’s stuff just to see what he was up to? Ridiculous. 9 million? Read the article here. Seems just like AEG MJ was worth more dead […]