Michael Jackson Sales Top 9 Million Since Death

Michael Jackson File Photo
Michael jackson File Photo

Michael Jackson File Photo

Since his passing June 25th, Michael Jackson's CD sales have topped 9 million.  OK, I can't be the only fool who had everything he had done.  Didn't everyone own MJ's stuff just to see what he was up to? Ridiculous.

9 million? Read the article here.

Seems just like AEG MJ was worth more dead than alive to SONY as well.  Just sayin.-Dr.FB

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  1. Annoys me that all that’s put in the actual stores are compilations, compilations, Thriller and more compilations.

    As a final gesture some of my friends promised to get the whole Jackson 5 back catalogue to finally give it their time and me a verdict without me having to copy the lot for them, but they can’t be found anywhere.

  2. u got me dr funk man i love michael but i lost my thriller album years ago and i still need to get my stuff shoot lol

  3. Your last comment….exactly why you do not want record companies having that much stock in you!The world is full of greedy,self centered people who have agendas!Just saying as well. ;)

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