911 Call

Don Cornelius’s Son Made 911 Call; No Suicide Note Left

Don Cornelius. Photo: Gettyimages.com

We are learning that the person who made the 911 call regarding Don Cornelius’s apparent suicide was his own son. Don has two sons but it has not been released which one made the call. The call was made shortly after 4 a.m. and no suicide note was left.  We can only imagine the horror […]

Brittany Murphy 911 Call Released

The heartbreaking 911 call made by Brittany Murphy’s mother was released.  It makes the actor’s death that much sadder. You can listen to the call below, but be warned, it is a tearjerker. [audio:http://www.drfunkenberry.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/brittany_murphy_911.mp3] How do you feel after hearing that?  Were you able to make it through the whole call?-Dr.FB

David Hasselhoff Hospitilized With Alcohol Poisoning

David Hasselhoof has fell off the wagon again and right next to eating a burger off the floor again. The America’s Got Talent star is in the hospital right now. His 17 year old daughter, the one who filmed him drunk before and released it, made a call to 911 after discovering her father drunk […]

Dr. Conrad Murray Is Going Down For Michael Jackson Homicide

Let’s be honest here, when the toxicology reports are in, either this week or next week, Dr. Conrad Murray is going down. Murray administered the drug Propofol to him, which most likely is what killed him.  He waited to call 911 20-30 minutes because he could not remember the address of where he was at?  […]