Dr. Conrad Murray Is Going Down For Michael Jackson Homicide

Dr. Conrad Murray File Photo

Dr. Conrad Murray File Photo

Let’s be honest here, when the toxicology reports are in, either this week or next week, Dr. Conrad Murray is going down.

Murray administered the drug Propofol to him, which most likely is what killed him.  He waited to call 911 20-30 minutes because he could not remember the address of where he was at?  More like, he knew he messed up and was in a world of crap. Should I bring up the CPR on the bed?  Some said he gets a pass for that because of the condition Michael Jackson was in.

So, what do you think?  Will Dr. Conrad Murray be charged with the death of Michael Jackson?-Dr.FB



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  • Karen
    Posted at 06:04h, 28 July

    the doctor killed Michael and he knows it. he is now just trying to cover his ass, which he cannot. The world will soon know he killed the best perfomer of all time, the most sweetest and gentle soul we had known.

    The dr. gave him the drug, did not monitor him, found him unresponisve, did cpr on a bed, did not call for help, gave excuse’s,
    and now will be held accountable for murder.
    Michael did not have to die, the only reason he is dead is because of that doctor. I hope he rots in prision!!!!

  • Sloane
    Posted at 22:06h, 18 July

    Pat, no harm meant…but we are all grown! You stay in your lane and I will maneuver in mine, as I see fit! Thank you!

  • Pat
    Posted at 12:06h, 18 July

    I find it amazingg that in this civilised society people cannot leave comments on a forum such as this without using foul language. It is unattractive and unwanted.
    We are talking about the death of a person in the most tragic circumstances and the disrespectful nature of the comments above is appalling.
    One way to show respect to Michael Jackson is not to use foul language when talking about him.

    It is not credible that this doctor didn’t know what address he was at – how did he get there in the first place then?

    I don’t believe for a second that he didn’t have a cellphone – we all have one of those!

    CPR on a bed is bizarre.

    I imagine that the police are having a good look at Murray and I expect that charges will be brought. I will be very surprised if not.

    And I said all of that without swearing once!

  • Sloane
    Posted at 18:26h, 16 July

    Dr Murray is guilty as hell! He should be disbarred for using a medication that is intended for an anesthesiologist to administer in the confines of a hospital…First and Foremost! Then he should be granted a speedy trial and comfortably acquainted with California’s State Prison’s Facility! How did he get his hands on this medicine anyway? He is guilty because he isn’t supposed to possess or administer any medication outside the state(s) in which he is licensed…Period! He is wrong…his actions proved his knowledge of his mistake or his intention to cause Michael’s death! How the hell are you going to live somewhere for 2 months and not know the address? How in the hell are you going to say the room in which Michael was in, didn’t have a telephone? None of it is acceptable! Dr. Murray is a savvy, grown azz man…give me a break! I just pray for this family’s healing! What a devastating turn of events, I wish I could bring him back…even though Michael was clearly living a targeted and sheltered life…he had more work to do. To the Jackson’s, Stay Strong and Focused…we can’t undo this, as bad as we all would like to, let Michael’s Legacy be one reflecting his giving heart and his overwhelming love of people!
    We all send you guys strength, love and never ending support!

  • gail
    Posted at 06:16h, 16 July

    kill the fucking cunt

  • gail
    Posted at 06:15h, 16 July

    and cops it up the ass

  • gail
    Posted at 06:14h, 16 July

    he wont be smiling when he goes to prision and has to eat big black co.cks

  • ertccty
    Posted at 20:13h, 15 July

    p.s.-meant his rental property not neverland.Oops!

  • ertccty
    Posted at 20:11h, 15 July

    You know the saying”where there is a will there is a way?”If Michael wanted that drug bad enough he unfortunately probably would have found a source sooner or later.But the fact that someone who was hired by AEG to look after him let greed overcome his duty and judgements is an example of unprofessionalism!I understand that Michael was having issues with sleeping etc.The doctor should have recomended other methods,treatments etc.That drug is used for people in SURGERY!To knock them out!Not something to be given to someone unless they are hospitalized-PERIOD!The fact that he “attempted” to do cpr on the bed!WHERE DID THIS GUY GET HIS QUALIFICATIONS???PLEASE!Even someone who has not had cpr knows that you must be on a hard flat level surface!Michael always had plenty of people around that house and the fact that it took them so long to call for help…is inexcusable!It is easy for us to judge the situation but unless you are in that position you never know how you may react.But say if I had found Michael like that….check his breathing….scream for help call 911!Administer cpr on the floor next to the bed while calling 911 also!And in a panicked state tell them that I need an ambulance asap to neverland ranch!!!I found it disturbing how calm the callers seeemed on the phone.And as for them not knowing the address…I think that 911 could have figured it out soon enough if you said anything about neverland ranch /MICHAEL JACKSON!Is there a rule that when something like this happens to a celebrity that you are not to give the name due to fear of paparazzi etc?If so why don’t they come up with a separate system or code word for them?! Yes I understand that perhaps Michael insisted on this drug.But the so called doctor didn’t have to give it to him!And if he knew the risks he should have stayed by his side!That’s what he was suppose to be doing right?To me something stinks!The ball was dropped and there should be someone held accountable!Let the truth be told and justice served!

  • Kristie
    Posted at 18:42h, 15 July

    PS-I know two cardiologists and one ICU heart nurse and they ALL said there is NO WAY you can do CPR with ONE HAND. (The doctor said the bed was ok because he was holding his other hand behind Michael’s back for support.) Also, they all said the VERY FIRST THING you learn is CPR and that you MUST do CPR on a flat, hard surface (like the floor) and must use both hands.

    If that doctor knew how to do cpr at all, he knew he wasn’t doing anything to help Michael. So, a big wtf. That man is in deep shiiiz.

  • Kristie
    Posted at 18:39h, 15 July

    I heard his lawyer say he waited 30-45 mins before calling 911.

    His excuse for not calling 911 was that he didn’t know the address and didn’t have reception, but…1. The bodyguard’s cell phone worked JUST FINE and if you look at the video footage of Michael’s bedroom, there was a house phone on the bedside table. 2. The doctor had been LIVING there for a while AND the address is literally RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE HOUSE. I’ve been there and seen it myself, clear as day. 3. There were fans outside that he could have run out to and asked what the address was if he couldn’t find the big ass address in the front himself. 4. The chef was right at the bottom of the stairs in the kitchen and the bodyguard was on duty in the house. It would have taken him 1-2 mins to call them for help and get the address and a working phone.

    That guy IS going down. He found Michael warm and with a pulse. He literally let him die before calling for help. Michael was completely unresponsive and had no vitals when they finally called 911. When paramedics got there, he was dead. The doctor watched him die. WTF. He BETTER go to jail. That is manslaughter, whether he meant to or not, he needs to be held responsible for Michael’s death. Michael would have never gotten those drugs in the first place if the doctor had had ANY kind of MORAL VALUES. He placed his paycheck over human life. I hope he gets what he deserves and Michael and his family get some justice.

  • Stymie
    Posted at 13:15h, 15 July

    I understand what you are saying, F7 but the doctor could have very well just walked away and let MJ get another doctor if he wanted the drugs that bad.

    I feel there are many people that played a part in his death and the doctor is just the one who is going to take the fall for all involved.

  • F7Velez
    Posted at 12:58h, 15 July

    He did not give MJ anything that he did not want or beg for. MJ was a grown man, he did it to himself.
    Play with fire…
    He is gone so let’s move on.


  • b3xy
    Posted at 12:39h, 15 July

    As far as i am concerned he should be charged the likelyhood is he gave him the drugs (tbh its almost defintately was him), he then proceeded to do CPR on a bed which is beyond stupid, and finally reckons he didnt call 911 because he didnt know the address. The fact there were plenty of other people in the house he could have asked or the fact that 911 could have traced his call seems to have been forgotten. The hospital is literally a 5 minute walk away which makes it so much worse if he had just called an ambulance the moment he had found/realised Michael’s condition the likelyhood is we would still have him with us.

  • lisa
    Posted at 12:05h, 15 July

    I recon Dr Conrad Murray was put up to overdose michael by aeg and put him on his bed so it look like michael overdosed him self and as going to clean up all the drugs and leave when some one turned up thats when he called 911 but it was too late he had already killed michael .best bit was when the cops turned up he some how dissapered and dumped the gear some where any way michaels gone so we cant do much

  • Controversy12
    Posted at 12:01h, 15 July

    If it is found to be true that Murray administered the drug Propofol to Michael Jackson and that is what killed him. He should be charged. He was probably suppossed to have been watching Michael and went to sleep his damn self.

  • violetsareblue
    Posted at 11:33h, 15 July

    Dr Murray’s head was clouded with $…
    Like others before, he’s abused his position and gave the drug knowing it was inappropriate. Unless he can justify his actions (which he won’t be able to) he will be held responsible, but others need to be brought to justice. They are crimals masquarading as professionals.
    As for CPR on the bed, this is a minor detail and probably had no impact on the outcome. Do they drag patients to the floor in American hospitals?
    Lots of people crapping their pants right now.

  • Brob
    Posted at 11:10h, 15 July


    Yes, who is to be blamed: the doctor who gave the drugs the patient begged for? Or the patient who begged for drugs they didn’t need?

    I think the doctor must be held accountable. He took the hippocratic oath and failed to live up to it.

  • maddladd
    Posted at 11:06h, 15 July

    Latoya was part of a psychic friends network, she should have known that dr was a quack, and that bad things were happening, called dionne warwick and got all of their psychic community together and got mike away from his murderer. LOL KUST KIDDIN’ But u do know Sylvia Browne wishes Montel was still on, so she could go on there n tell u what really happened. That guy is so going down, there has to be a fall guy, and this guy was the triggerman!

  • The Universal Love of La Toya
    Posted at 10:35h, 15 July

    See! La Toya is vindicated already! Michael was MURDERED and now everyone else seems to be getting on board! Good for you, Officer Jackson!


  • LexAve456
    Posted at 10:31h, 15 July

    He should get charged. Who administers CPR on a bed? Plus, why did it take them nearly a half hour to call 911? That sounds a foul as it can sound to me.

  • Stymie
    Posted at 10:22h, 15 July

    I’ve heard before that he would be charged. Who the hell does CPR on a bed? If I’m a layperson and I know not to perform CPR on someone on a bed, I know damn well a doctor knows it.

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