Janet Jackson: Paris Should Enjoy Being Young & Not Act

Janet Jackson was on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and talked about her niece Paris Jackson and her acting career. Janet feels she should enjoy her youth as she is only young once. Janet feels after she is 18, she can act and just enjoy being young. Janet is obviously speaking from experience as […]

Director’s Cut Version Of Lenny Kravitz Video “Stand” Brings The Laughs

  Lenny Kravitz’s new video “stand” has been released with a director’s cut.  Now, I know most of you are wondering why you didn’t see the original version of “Stand” on the site and it is because we couldn’t due to embedding being disabled.  On the director’s cut, it is enabled and we are able […]

Angelina Jolie Hates Brad Pitt’s Beard Too!

Angelina Jolie. Photo:

This is too funny.  Maybe Brad was keeping it to keep Angie away. Angelina Jolie admits in the latest issue of Vanity Fair that she hates Brad Pitt’s funky beard as well.  She did state however that she loves Brad in every state, beard and all. She does spend a majority of the time of […]

Christina Hendricks: Younger Than You Expect

Christina Hendricks. Photo:

The hotness that is Christina Hendricks stopped by the Badgley Mischka show in New York City yesterday. Let me make it clear; I love her acting skills and the fact that her body has crazy dimensions is just the added bonus.  I mean we wouldn’t want to make Christina mad. Now that is out of […]

Hendricks Loves New York, Hates Breast Attention

Christina Hendricks.

The lovely and talented Christina Hendricks of “Mad Men”  is on the cover of the New York Magazine wearing nothing more than a corset.  In my opinion, you don’t really mess with perfection when you have a body that voluptuous. Christina, however, may disagree.  She wishes the media and people would stop focusing on her […]