Alex Rodriguez

A-Rod Takes In Laker Game With WWE Diva Wrestler & Cindy Crawford

Randee Gerber, Cindy Crawford, A-Rod, Tori Wilson Photo: Cindy Crawford

Alex Rodriguez took his girfriend former WWE Diva wrestler Tori Wilson to the Laker game last night with Cindy Crawford and her husband Randee Gerber. A-Rod’s pal George Clooney is also dating a former WWE Diva wrestler, Stacy Keibler. It appears that A-Rod and Tori were hooked up via Stacy sometime during the holiday season. A-Rod seems happy. Wouldn’t you be […]

Scene & Heard: A-Rod & Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz was seen leaving Alex Rodriguez New York apartment in the early hours and as soon as she saw paps, she boned out into her awaiting ride.  Will she be under cover at the Orioles/Yankees game tonight?-Dr.FB

Madonna & Jesus Luz Split

Madonna & Jesus Luz

Madonna and Jesus Luz have split.   Was the age difference too much? It is being reported that the age difference was a problem along with their schedules not meshing.   It was actually Jesus who initiated the split, stating basically that they did not have enough in common.  This is only going to add fuel to […]

Kate Hudson Attends “Nine”

Kate Hudson looked lovely at the “Nine” premiere in New York city last night.  I am being Mr. Obvious here about how she looked. Being Mr. Obvious that I am, I must tell you that Alex Rodriguez was not there with her.  Don’t you just love Mr. Obvious? i just thought sounds better than […]

Kate Hudson Moves On As Break-Up Rumors Persist

Kate Hudson has been hanging in New York while A. Rod has been in Florida and according to reports, partying it up with several different women, although, interestingly enough, no photos of him with said women are leaking.  The rumors are that Alex left her for her diva ways.  Hmm.  Wasn’t this the plot of  […]