Anna Nicole Smith

Thank You + My Thoughts On Michael Jackson & Hollywood

I say this VERY bitter-sweetly.  Last week, had it’s biggest week by far. With the Perez Hilton/Wil I am story, Farrah Fawcett’s expected death and the very unexpected death of Michael Jackson and our credibility shooting thru the roof. Bittersweet I say. It was much easier earlier in the week to attack Perez and […]

Howard K. Stern Arrested: Illegally Supplying Drugs To Anna Nicole Smith

Justice has finally been “somewhat” served.  I posted a pic of the lovely Anna Nicole Smith instead of that creep.  I could never stomach that douche Stern before and quite frankly the feeling has not changed. As “People Magazine” reports, Stern was arrested Thursday and booked in Whittier, Ca.  Bail has been set at 20,000.00, per police […]

Anna Nicole Smith, The Opera

  That rumbling sound you hear is Pavarotti turning over in his grave. The Royal Opera House in London is going to stage an opera based on the life of Anna Nicole Smith, according to this L.A Times article. Music to be composed by Mark-Anthony Turnage with libretto by Richard Thomas, the same man who […]