This Could Be Us PRINCE's "This Could Be Us" from his album "Art Official Age" was serviced to radio last week aka going for adds on radio and was the #1 most added song for the holiday week of January 20th. In a press release from Warner Bros., they say "This Could Be Us" is igniting radio and stating it is the number one most added song on Urban Adult Radio, with Rolling Stone calling it one of the 50 best songs of 2014, calling it a "sparkly sexy jam" that only Prince can deliver. With plays on stations from Augusta, Georgia and Little Rock, Arkansas to Atlantic City, New Jersey and Chattanooga, Tennessee to Washington, DC and New York City, "THIS COULD BE US," returns Prince to a familiar place on radio. "THIS COULD BE US" is Prince at his best with his signature falsetto on full display and his songwriting teasingly sexy and playful. Following the release of two #1 albums last fall (ART OFFICIAL AGE #1 R&B and PLECTRUMELECTRUM #1 Rock with his band 3RDEYEGIRL), Prince delivered a history-making performance on Saturday Night Live with an eight-minute plus jam session. Recently the icon presented the Best Original Song category at The Golden Globes to thunderous applause from the audience. Purchase the single and album here: iTunes - Amazon - PRINCE Spreecast returns 01/28! -DocFB Diagnosis: Warner Bros. adds More news about Prince & 3RDEYEGIRL will be revealed soon. Stay tuned. For a list of radio stations that have added "This Could Be Us", click here!

PRINCE ART OFFICIAL AGE "FUNKNROLL" the latest "club-banger" has been released from PRINCE. The song will be featured on "Art Official Age" and "PLECTREMELECTRUM" the debut album from 3RDEYEGIRL. Both albums will be released on 9/30. The song has already been featured in NFL pre-game shows. Could that be where the video will world premiere? Hmm. The Dallas Cowboys usually have the highest rated games on Sunday Night Football and will be playing the New Orleans Saints. Fact: Sunday Night Football is the most watched live event week after week with less DVR activity than any other TV show except for NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl. "New Girl" anyone? When the song was being performed last year, we were sent the official lyrics from Paisley Park. To access the official lyrics, click HERE!!!

PRINCE ART OFFICIAL AGE PRINCE will be releasing 2 new albums, "ART OFFICIAL AGE" and his album with 3RDEYEGIRL "PLECTRUMELECTRUM" on September 30th. Both albums will be released by Warner Bros. Records. You can also win a chance to see PRINCE perform at PAISLEY PARK in Minneapolis sometime in October. PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL PLECTRUMELECTRUM You get one entry per-preorder for the Paisley Park Concert in October. You can pre-order "ART OFFICIAL AGE" HERE You can pre-order "PLECTRUMELECTRUM" HERE. The announcement was made today on Good Morning America although the digital campaign started after midnight on the East Coast with iTunes providing a set list for both albums and WB rolling out the pre-order web sites. The Paisley Park concert contest is for U.S. residents only. Don't forget to watch the PRINCE show this Wed on "ART OFFICIAL AGE", "PLECTRUMELECTRUM" and more! For the track list to both albums and press release, click here!