Black Eyed Peas Kick Off E.N.D. Tour

Fergie & Wil. I. Am.

Atlanta was Hotlana again last night as the Black Eyed Peas kicked of the E.N.D. tour.  The B.E.P. tour is supposed to be one of the biggest tours of the year.  I must say, Fergie picks some very interesting outfits.  At least if she pees in that outfit, you won’t be able to tell like […]

Chicago Denied Olympics

Chicago was eliminated as host of the Olympic Games in 2016. I didn’t think the U.S. had a chance until President Obama agreed to go to Copenhagen. I am still surprised they were not awarded the games. What do you think about the Olympics and the United States not getting it?-Dr.FB P.S. Congrats to Rio […]

NFL Week 3

“Looks like Dallas did not have a T.O. problem, they had a T.R. problem.”-Terrell Owens tweet shortly after the Dallas Cowboys lost to the New York Giants in the final seconds of last weeks game. Tony Romo. Is he only good when their is nothing at stake? He went 13-3 2 years ago but lost […]