Black Eyed Peas Kick Off E.N.D. Tour

Fergie & Wil. I. Am.
Fergie & Wil. I. Am.

Fergie & Wil. I. Am. Photo: AP

Atlanta was Hotlana again last night as the Black Eyed Peas kicked of the E.N.D. tour. 

The B.E.P. tour is supposed to be one of the biggest tours of the year. 

I must say, Fergie picks some very interesting outfits.  At least if she pees in that outfit, you won't be able to tell like before.   Oh, come on!  You were thinking it so stop acting like you weren't.  ;)


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  2. Thank you for your help!

  3. Whatever happened to those other two guys in the group?

  4. not overrated at all……….they just plain make music for teenagers…….i bet their music gets a lot of play on prom night or at high school parties

  5. Overrated hacks !

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