J. Cole Apologizes For Offensive Lyric On Autism In “Jodeci Freestyle”

J. Cole Photo: BET.com

After an outcry from Autism Awareness, J. Cole has apologized for his offensive lyric in Drake's "Jodeci Freestyle" song.

Cole made the announcement stating:

"he doesn't agree with the recent trend of pressure rappers have faced to apologize when they step over a perceived line, but in this case he feels he went too far in a verse he contributed to Drake's "Jodeci Freestyle."

"To the parents who are fighting through the frustrations that must come with raising a child with severe autism, finding strength and patience that they never knew they had; to the college student with Asperger's syndrome; to all those overcoming autism,"

"You deserve medals, not disrespect. I hope you accept my sincere apology."-DocFB

Diagnosis: Cole seems apologetic although at first it sounded like he doesn't like to apologize for lyrics like others have lately. I think Cole gets it and will write better lyrics going forward.


Katy Perry Duets “Firework” With Autistic Child! Watch Now!

Jodi DiPiazza, who was diagnosed as autistic when she was two years old performed "Firework" with Katy Perry at "Night Of Too Many Stars" a fund raiser for autism hosted by "The Daily Show's" Jon Stewart.

Jodi is now 11 years old and Katy Perry is one of her favorite singers.

Jodi plays the piano during her duet. The moment meant a lot to Katy Perry.

She shared her thoughts about the performance via Twitter;

“I will never forget last night. It was the most important moment thus far of what I do.”

Heartwarming and heartfelt. Check out the performance above.-DocFB

Diagnosis: "Even brighter than the moon..."


Bret Michaels Wins “Celebrity Apprentice”

Bret Michaels File Photo
Bret Michaels File Photo

Bret Michaels File Photo

Bret Michaels not only made it to the "Celebrity Apprentice" finale last night, he won the whole shebang. 

It was down to him and Holly Robinson-Peete and it just seemed like with Bret showing up, he was going to win. 

Bret won $250,000 for the American Diabetes Association, which being a diabetic myself, am glad he won for that charity.  Holly also won $250,000 for her chairty which is for Autism. 

Bret was seen in good spirits at the afterparty.  He did seem kind of shaky on his feet at the live finale. 

Were you rooting for Bret to win?-Dr.FB