90’s Flashback Of The Moment: Guns N Roses “November Rain”

Remember when rock dominated and long form videos were the norm? We do and that's why "November Rain" by Guns n Roses is our 90's Flashback video of the moment.

Before Axl Rose went Axl Rose and fired everyone and put Kentucky Fried Chicken hats on guitar players, Guns n Roses was a band that could not be messed with.

Axl's new look G n R have been touring the states, not performing too much the scheduled time and to some pretty decent reviews.  The show is set to hit Los Angeles next month and tickets go on sale this Monday.

So check out "November Rain" if it has been a while or if you are under 20.-docFB

Diagnosis:  Love Slash's solo.....


Karaoke With Jimmy Fallon & Joseph Gordin-Levitt As Bowie & Axl Rose

Jimmy Fallon & Joseph Gordin-Levitt did Karaoke songs with Jimmy as David Bowie & Joseph as Axl Rose. Oh my!

Fallon did "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster The People and then Levitt did "Since You've Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson.  Yea, it is funny as it sounds.

They did "Edge Of Glory" by lady Gaga together as Bowie and Axl.  Shakes head.  Classic.

Check it out above.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  The Doc Does NOT Karaoke.  At All.


Old School Jam Of The Moment: Guns N’ Roses “Paradise City”

Who says we can't rock out? Our Old School Jam Of The Moment is "Paradise City" by Guns N' Roses.

We could tell a million Axl Rose jokes but we won't.

Regardless, check out the band that ended Glam Rock for about 10 years.-Dr.FB