Prince Talking Loud & Saying Something!

Belgium, you really are funky!  I am not just saying that because I love your waffles and females.  I'm saying that because the man Prince took to a megaphone in front of you guys for you all to hear him and even did his little Princely scream for you all!

Prince took the megaphone and asked "If you are ready to party" before making sure it was 4 funky!

Prince has been enjoying his European tour and killer Hop Farm performance as I heard from many fans that these shows have been some of Prince's best shows ever.  Fans even having to add they have seen him dozens upon dozens of times but these shows have been mind-blowing.

We have said it before and will say it again, Prince is the Greatest Of All Time. The GOAT, baby!

Hopefully, this video stays up (Ahem, hi Prince!) because we think it's funky and we would like to share more with you.  Thanks to Prince fan Sven for the hook-up!-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  No Burqa's Were Harmed During This Video (What? Too Soon?)


EXCLUSIVE: Prince Throws Aftershow In Brussels, Belgium


We got exclusive word from the Purple Underground that Prince was going to throw one of his legendary aftershows, Saturday night in Brussels!!!

Prince, Larry Graham, Mint Condition Aftershow....

Viage - Brussels
Boulevard Anspach 30
1000 Brussels

Hope you all hd the night of your life n you all got sticky like glue!!!! ;) hehe-Dr.FB


Tragedy In Belgium

It is being reported that an act of violence at a childrens day care center took place in Belgium earlier today.

It happened in Dendermonde, just outside of Brussels where a man stabbed to death two children, one woman and seriously injured close to a dozen others.

No reason was given for the attack per reports. He attacked because he is straight up crazy!!!!!!

Our hearts go out to those affected by this and all of those in funky Belgium. Be strong.-Dr.FB


Miriam Makeba Passes Away At Age 76

Miriam Makeba passed away shortly after performing in Italy. 

Miriam Makeba is best known as Mama Africa.  It is being reported by the associated press that she had a heart attack after the concert. 

She lived in exile for 31 years in the United States, France, Guinea in West Africa and Belgium before having an emotional homecoming in Johannesburg in 1990.

You will be missed Mama Africa.-Dr.FB