Prince Talking Loud & Saying Something!

Diagnosis:  No Burqa's Were Harmed During This Video (What? Too Soon?)

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  1. Prince is straight up a trip and a half. Had me rolling at the end when he came back to the mic and did the little OW-OH-AH!! G’on Prince, do your thang, funky brutha. ;^D

  2. Thanks, Doc Funk. He seems so relaxed and at peace with himself and its good to see. Prince, If you read this, Michigan is waiting for you.

  3. I was there, he was in a really good mood… Everyone’s sure he’s very much in love with Andy Allo. He made a lot of jokes and even gathered his women around his microphone (Liv, Shelby, Ida, Cassandra, Andy), just to giggle in it. Really funny!!!

    It was an awesome show, I’m seeing him again on Sunday in Holland (North Sea Jazz). Very curious what he’s gonna come up with there!!

  4. LOL !!! Luv it … wish I could have been there

  5. Prince and THE NPG R in an olymic form. In any category: funk, vibe, speed and thight program. The large shows and aftershows r starting 2 blend 2gether. Setlist just the I like it: not 2 many covers, not only the hits, piano sampleset, solo piano and a megaphone!!!

  6. Number 7! Never saw him do this b4. what a sense of humor…..

  7. Thanks these always make me smile! He’s so damn fine :)

  8. Yep, saw my man in NYC’s MSG and in South Carolina, he’ll blow your mind every-time, think he won’t ???

    LoL …

  9. I was there front row (and on stage) : I can tell you : loud and funky it was indeed !! Still on a purple high :)))))

  10. i was there front row and i confirm the show was AWESOME …

  11. He took to a megaphone and I would’ve said it wasn’t him, if I didn’t see the video! Thanks, Doc!

  12. cool thanx 4 sharing

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