Celebrities Take To Twitter To Mourn Loss Of Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse File Photo

Amy Winehouse File Photo

Here are celebrities responding through Twitter regarding the loss of Amy Winehouse;

JoJo "All I can ever be to you is the darkness that we knew, and this regret I've got accustomed to."- Amy Winehouse, Tears Dry on Their Own

Ledisi  The world lost a GREAT talent today. She was an amazing vocalist and her honesty in music....just refreshing

Rahsaan Patterson I got to meet Amy once at a festival SRBC performed at. It was heartbreaking, frightening and intriguing all at once

Kelly Osbourne  i cant even breath right my now im crying so hard i just lost 1 of my best friends. i love you forever Amy & will never forget the real you!

Busy Phillips Amy Winehouse, I'm sad that you couldn't ever find peace & beat your addiction & that we won't get any of the songs you would've written...

Kelly Clarkson I heard the news about Amy Winehouse. I'm incredibly sad. I didn't know her but I met her a few times

Josh Groben  Drugs took her gift, her soul, her light, long before they took her life. RIP Amy

Kevin Hart  I just heard that "Amy Winehouse" Died life is to short people, please don't take it for granted! My prayers go out 2 her friends & Family

Janelle Monae  heart is heavy. My heart goes out 2 Amy Winehouse's family, loved ones. Praying for their strength during this time.

Kim Kardashian I just heard the news that Amy Winehouse passed away. What a true talent. I pray she's in a better place & at peace.

Wendy Williams So sorry to hear abt death of Amy Winehouse. Thoughts go out to her family and friends. #RIP

Pete Wentz  super sad to hear about the news. RIP. never take life for granted.
Melonie Fiona I'm so terribly saddened by the death of Amy Winehouse. One of music's finest and my favourites. Tragic. Smh.
Dita Von Teese  Devastated. I spent extraordinary times with Amy. She sang for me once for hours, it was the most beautiful& touching thing. A huge loss.
Q Tip RIP. AMY WINEHOUSE. What a loss!!! So young.... Damn!!
Kaley Cuoco  Amy Winehouse. Wow so tragic. Unreal
Billy Corgan Sad to hear about Amy Winehouse. I mourn any time one of our own passes on. A tragedy...no doubt. Truly sad.
Demi Lovato  Amy Winehouse.. So sad. Unfortunately the world lost an incredibly talented woman to such a powerful disease... addiction.
Alyssa Milano Tragic. Rest in peace, Amy Winehouse.
Matthew Morrison A very sad day. The world lost an incredible talent... My thoughts and prayers are with her family and loved ones.
Keri Hilson  Amy Winehouse...so tragic. I loved her. She inspired me! I kept hoping she'd find a happier place than her self destructive state...damn.
Diagnosis:  Speechless.....

Video: Smashing Pumpkins Perform “Today”

Billy Corgan and the "Smashing Pumpkins" performed on Record Store Day for Amoeba Records yesterday.  I had to put "Smashing Pumkins" in quotes because it's by name only without the others there. 

The show was open to anyone as long as you got there early and had $30.  Billy made sure the fans did not leave empty-handed as everyone in attendance got the new CD and other things a full month in advance before the actual solid copy hits stores.

We hear the show was epic and here is a clip of them performing "Today" yesterday. Thanks C.B.-Dr.FB


Jessica Simpson Is A Woman Of “Extraordinary Measures”

Jessica Simpson. Photo: GettyImages.com
Jessica Simpson. Photo: GettyImages.com

Jessica Simpson. Photo: GettyImages.com

Jessica Simpson attended the premiere of "Extraordinary Measures" last night in Los Angeles.

We are glad she covered up and did not expose her Golden Globes, like she did last week.  She looked beautiful and chick, aside from her bra showing through her outfit, but what can she do?

Jessica also took to let people know that she is not dating Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins.  She is in awe of him musically and they are just friends.

Did anyone REALLY see these two as an item?  Seriously?-Dr.FB


Jessica Simpson’s Hotness Holds Off The Cold

Jessica Simpson.  Photo: FamePictures.com
Jessica Simpson.  Photo: FamePictures.com

Jessica Simpson. Photo: FamePictures.com

Jessica Simpson braved the cold last night in Beverly Hills  (and trust us, a few hours later, it was close to freezing temps close to her house in the San Fernando Valley) and put on a smile for paps.

Jessica dined at Mr. Chow's with her longtime friend and hairstylist Ken Paves. She looked hot and not cold in the least as she signed for fans waiting outside the hot spot and posed for pictures.  I guess when you look hot, it keeps you warm and Jessica is looking great lately.

There are rumors circulating that she is seeing Smashing Pumpkins front-man Billy Corgan and I cannot confirm although I did reach out to both thru their Twitter pages late yesterday.

For now, I am glad to see Jessica is happy regardless and her sister Ashlee appears to be doing well on Broadway.  Others may try to trash Ash & Jess but you can't keep these two down and that shows strength along with a lot of warmth.-Dr.FB


WTF Moment Of The Week; Billy Corgan & Tila Tequila

Billy Corgan & Tila Tequila.  Photo: Uncredited
Billy Corgan & Tila Tequila.  Photo: Uncredited

Billy Corgan & Tila Tequila. Photo: Uncredited

Here are Billy Corgan & Tila Tequila at Bravo's 2nd Annual A-List Awards. 

We hear that Tila Tequila ran up to him to have her picture taken.  Still, WTF?-Dr.FB