Kanye West Added To MTV VMA Line-Up! Will Perform “Black Skinhead”!

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Add Kanye West to the list of MTV Video Music Award performers for this years show on August 25th! Previously, only Lady Gaga had been announced for the award show.

MTV had this to say about Kanye performing on the VMA's:

"Kanye will triumphantly enter the history books by tying Madonna as the artist with the most VMA performances.”

We are looking forward to the show...and other performers being announced for the show....-DocFB

Diagnosis: Will Kanye's performance of "Black Skinhead" be a more memorable MTV VMA performance than "Vogue" by Madonna? Tune in August 25th to find out....


Kanye West Officially Releases Video For “Black Skinhead”!

Kanye Wests GQ Shoot.  Photo Provided By Kanye West

Kanye West has officially released a video for "Black Skinhead" a video that leaked 2 weeks ago incomplete.

The video for right now is only available on KanyeWest.com and you can control the speed of the video and take photos to use on Instagram.

Over the weekend, Kanye said his second verse line of "New Slaves" is the best rap line....OF ALL TIME. (Via Twitter)


He basically cut down every Pac, Biggie, Eminem, DMC, Public Enemy, Cube, Snoop, and Dre song of all time.

Humble much? Check out the video to "Black Skinhead" now....-DocFB

Diagnosis: So much talent...with such a big mouth....


Kanye West Releases Video For “Black Skinhead”! Watch Now! UPDATE: Kanye Mad! Video Pulled!

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Kanye West has released "Black Skinhead" the first video from his album "Yeezus" which came out last month.

The video is shot in black and white with computer graphics and also features animated dogs.

To watch the full video for "Black Skinhead", click here...