Kanye West Releases Video For “Black Skinhead”! Watch Now! UPDATE: Kanye Mad! Video Pulled!

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Kanye West has released "Black Skinhead" the first video from his album "Yeezus" which came out last month.

The video is shot in black and white with computer graphics and also features animated dogs.

To watch the full video for "Black Skinhead", click here...Update:  It appears this video was leaked without kanye's knowledge and is asking for sites to take it down.


Diagnosis: It is certainly better than Justin Timberlake's latest video. Kanye is at least trying to break new ground and do things differently. You have to give it up to him for that. We should see the real version of this video next week!

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  1. it’s so common that just because Kanye appears to be an asswhole the way he is portrayed in the media, one has to make an excuse for liking what he does. I love what you do DR, but what does “trying to break new ground” mean? Kanye has been breaking new ground and paving the way for other new artists for 10 years or so, asshole or not. Hehe

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