Born To Run

Bruce Springsteen & Fallon Go After Gov. Chris Christie In “Taffic Jam” Parody

The most popular New Jersey resident of all time Bruce Springsteen went after the one in the news the most lately, Gov. Chris Christie, with Jimmy Fallon last night. “Gov. Chris Christie’s Traffic Jam” is a re-worked version of the classic Springsteen tune “Born To Run” and it is hilarious! Check it out!-DocFB Diagnosis: Seriously […]

Emmy Intro Featuring Glee With Jimmy Fallon “Born To Run”

So the Emmy’s were last night and it seems more people are interested in the clips that aired instead of who wore what. The show aired on NBC so we are going to get “The Office” opening up the show with Jimmy Fallon, right? Nope! They went with the rival network Fox by pairing Jimmy […]