Seth Rogen & James Franco Poke Fun At Kanye West & Kim Kardashian In “Bound 2″ Parody!

Seth Rogen & James Franco Bound Screen Cap

Somewhere, Kanye West is losing it right now over a "Bound 2" parody by Seth Rogen and James Franco where they recreate the video shot for shot. Yes. Shot for shot.

You may want to watch this video early and often because we have a feeling Kanye will go on a Twitter rant and Seth and James will have the video pulled!-DocFB

James Franco & Seth Rogen Screen Cap Bound 2 Parody

Diagnosis: This is too funny! Hey, you made the crappy video! Don't be mad that the parody is better than the original!


New Kanye West Video Starring Kim Kardashian “Bound 2″ Is…Um..Yea

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: Screen Cap: www.rap-up.com

Kanye West appeared on Ellen to debut his new video "Bound 2" which stars his baby mama Kim Kardashian. A rap video debut on Ellen? is Sophia Grace and Rosie behind this?

Warning! This is the EXPLICIT version of the video! click here to see the video!


Yeezus! Kanye West Performs “Bound 2″ on Fallon With Charlie Wilson! Watch Now!

Kanye West was a surprise guest performer last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon performing "Bound 2" with Charlie Wilson and The Roots!

If you can believe it, this was Kanye's first ever appearance on Late Night. How is that even possible?

Have to give it up to Fallon for doing this the same night that Arsenio debuted. Although not in direct competition, Kanye was a huge surprise guest as compared to Arsenio having Jay Leno, Tara Reid, and Paula Abdul as his surprise guests on his first night back in almost 20 words.

Charlie Wilson and Kanye West. Dang!

Diagnosis: Rating go to Arsenio. Points to Fallon.