The L.A. Dodgers File For Bankruptcy


The once proud franchise from the way of Brooklyn, has filed for bankruptcy.  The Los Angeles Dodgers announced Monday morning they are indeed filing for bankruptcy.

Frank McCourt, the Dodger owner will not be able to meet payroll when it comes to paying his players and others on Thursday.  McCourt made the decision, not Major League Baseball head honcho Bud Selig.

McCourt thinks this will block Bud Selig from taking over the team and forcing a sale.  The courts may not see it Frank's way however.

McCourt has run this team into the ground by borrowing money and taking out loans against the team and it's property, including his parking lots he owns. 

Straight up, the Dodgers need a new owner.  McCourt needs to do the right thing and not let this drag out.  Hopefully, after that happens, Bud Selig does the right thing, and let's Marc Cuban buy the Dodgers.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Maverick Changes


No. 10: Those We Lost

Those we lost in 2008:

Johnny Podres, 75. Pitched Brooklyn Dodgers to their only World Series title in 1955.

Bobby Fischer, 64. Chess man

Suzanne Pleshette, 70 Actress

Heath Ledger, 28 Actor (More on Heath later in countdown.)

Margaret Truman Daniel, 83 Writer/Singer

Roy Scheider, 75. Actor

Robin Moore, 82. writer

Myron Cope, 79. Broadcast announcer

William F. Buckley Jr. , 82 Author/Editor

Mike Smith, 64. Singer

Giuseppe di Stefano, 86. Tenor

Ivan Dixon, 76. Actor

Anthony Minghella, 54. Oscar winning director

Paul Scofield, 86. Oscar winning actor

Charlton Heston, 84. Oscar winning actor

Mildred Loving, 68. Activist

Eddy Arnold, 89. Country singer

Robert Mondavi, 94. The master of Napa Valley

Dick Martin, 86. Television host

Sydney Pollack, 73. Oscar winning director

Harvey Korman, 81. Emmy winning actor

Yves Saint Laurent, 71. Ground-breaking designer

Bo Diddley, 79. One of the real founding father's of Rock n Roll.

Jim McKay, 86. broadcaster

Tim Russert, 58. Political host and expert

Stan Winston, 62. Oscar winner

Cyd Charisse, 86 Dancer/Actress

George Carlin, 71. Ground-breaking comedian

Larry Harmon, 83. Bozo The Clown

Tony Snow, 53. White House Press Secretary/Broadcaster

Jo Stafford, 90. Singer

Estelle Getty, 84 Actress/Forever A Golden Girl

Bernie Mac, 50. Actor/Comedian (In all honesty, so so so much more.)

Isaac Hayes, 65. Oscar/Grammy winner

Gene Upshaw, 63 Football Player

Del Martin, 87. Activist

Walter “Killer” Kowalski, 81. Pro Wrestler

Ike Pappas, 75. Broadcast announcer

Jerry Reed, 71. Country Singer

Don Haskins, 78. Basketball coach

Norman Whitfield, 67 Songwriter/Producer

Paul Newman, 83. Oscar winner/Humanitarian

Edie Adams, 81. Singer/Actress

Levi Stubbs, 72. Singer

Gerard Damiano, 80. Dorector of mainstream porn hit "Deep Throat"

Studs Terkel, 96 Broadcaster

Michael Crichton, 66. Author

Preacher Roe, 92. Baseball player

Miriam Makeba, 76. Singer

William Gibson, 94. Playwright

Odetta, 77. Civil Rights Folk Singer

Bettie Page, 85. The original pin-up girl

Sammy Baugh, 94. Quarterback

Robert Mulligan, 83 Director

Eartha Kitt, 81 Singer/Dancer/Actress

You will be missed. Rest In Peace.-Dr.FB