Amy Winehouse’s Father Gives Her Clothes Away To Fans

Mitch Winehouse, the father of Amy Winehouse, has been grieving since his daughter’s death last weekend.  He has been grieving in different ways as any person would be in this situation.  He also understands that Amy’s fans have been grieving.  Mitch decided to give away some of Amy’s belongings to her fans. Mitch came up […]

Amy Winehouse Is Looking Healthy…For Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse. Photo:

For the first time since her disasterious performance last month, Amy Winehouse was spotted in her Camden hood of London, England.  The performance was so bad, her management and label cancelled the tour.  She looks healthy… healthy as Amy Winehouse can look, but still, I am worried if she can sing again..or do we have a […]

Amy & Blake Stroll Soho

Amy Winehouse & Blake Fielder Civil. Photo:

Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder Civil took to the streets of Soho in London last night. They were visiting Jazz After Dark for an exhibit of an artist Sam Shaker as Amy had paid him to paint pictures for her. Amy was requesting people call her Mrs Fielder-Civil.  Oh boy.  Later in the night, she […]

Amy Winehouse Drinks In The New Year

looks like Amy Winehouse rang in the New year on some old stomping grounds in Camden, London. She was seen stumbling out of the bar but denies she will be going to rehab anytime soon. No, no no, Amy!  She released a statement that she does not have a problem and she will be just […]

Amy Winehouse In The Hospital

Amy Winehouse, seen above in Camden leaving late night with friends was fine while there.  We hear later in the weekend though that Amy was taken to the hospital. The reason we are hearing is she had a negative reaction to medication she was taking.   The medication?  Cold medicine.  Yea, because when I am taking Nyquil or […]