Amy Winehouse In The Hospital

Amy Winehouse In Camden.  Photo:

Amy Winehouse In Camden. Photo:

Amy Winehouse, seen above in Camden leaving late night with friends was fine while there.  We hear later in the weekend though that Amy was taken to the hospital.

The reason we are hearing is she had a negative reaction to medication she was taking.   The medication?  Cold medicine.  Yea, because when I am taking Nyquil or something for a cold, I am out clubbing the night before.

If that’s the story she wants to use, fine.  Amy stayed the night but we hear she has since left.  Hope you are feeling better Amy and get some rest to get over that…ahem…cold of yours.-Dr.FB



  • Georgie
    Posted at 18:19h, 16 November

    It’s no secret she’s a recovering addict, IF she’s taking methadone, something like cough syrup could cause serious problems.

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