Get On Up! Carmen Electra Releases New Video For “Werq”

Carmen Electra Photo: GettyImages.com

Carmen Electra has invested a lot of time lately for what her famous in the first place: music. She has released an ode to "Pulp Fiction" video for her song "Werq".

"Werq" is the follow-up to Carmen's single last year "We Like It Loud".

Carmen really doesn't need to "Werq" it that much...but we like it when she do!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Still the scariest woman on the planet.....


Hotness! Carmen Electra Stars In “Super Bowl” Teaser Commercial! Watch Now!

Carmen Electra Photo: Facebook

The hotness that is Carmen Electra is on display for a Volkswagen "Super Bowl" teaser clip that you can watch below!

Now "Everybody have Fun Tonight" by Wang Chung will be in your head for the rest of day/night!

Although Carmen is featured in the "Super Bowl" teaser ad, she will NOT be in the commercial that airs during the Super Bowl. Nope! Instead, it will be the ad below:

No Carmen, no problem?-DocFB

Diagnosis: We have a feeling Carmen's backside has bumped into more than just a car. Ahem. For real tho, Carmen was twerking before twerking was twerking. Feel me?


Ellen Tries Hook Up Lenny Kravitz & Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra Is Going To Give You A Show.  Photo: GettyImages.com

Ever being the Jewish mother as Lenny Kravitz puts it, Ellen keeps trying to hook Lenny up with someone. First Natalie Portman. This time? Ellen's guest DJ Carmen Electra.

Well, it beats random audience members! Lenny played along, but did Carmen as well or she was really into it? Hmm.

We would LOVE to talk about Lenny being in "Hunger Games" but Ellen hasn't uploaded it and we wanted to give Lenny some Love.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Is Ellen's work done? We don't think so! Why? Bro code. Bro code.


Carmen Electra Returns To Music With “I Like It Loud”; Talks Simon Cowell

It has been over 20 years since Carmen Electra was discovered by Prince for her musical talents. Yes, music. Some may not know that of the former MTV game show co-host, Baywatch babe, Pussycat Doll, and a former Playboy model, but that is brought us to light of Carmen being on top.

Carmen Electra took to the Today show earlier this week to talk about her return to music, being 40, how her former mentor discovered her, and what people should make of her friendship with Simon Cowell.

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She also talked about exactly what she liked loud, for those that aren't paying attention to the lyrics. Carmen did say she will have a full-length album out next year.

Carmen also appeared on VH1's Morning buzz to perform "I Like It Loud" live and talk about her and Simon Cowell's friendship. She also shows off her 40 year old buns that still look the same as they did 20 years ago.

"I Like It Loud" reminds me of something Kesha would sing....with more auto-tune. Interesting that the men are still hottering and hollering for Carmen Electra just like they were in 1992.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Get On Up Now....


George Clooney Honored For Humanitarian Causes At Fund Raiser For Diabetes

With the lovely Stacy Kiebler at his side, George Clooney attended the 26th Anniversary Carousel Of Hope fund raiser for Diabetes where he was honored with the Brass Ring Award for his humanitarian causes.

Stars that were there to raise diabetic awareness and honor George were Carmen Electra, Shirley MacClaine, Jane Fonda, Jennie Garth, Daisy Fuentes, Babyface, and Joan Collins.

Barbara Davis hosted and Jay Leno MC'd the event.

All proceeds from The Carousel of Hope benefit the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes (BDC).

They have raised $75 million dollars for diabetic awareness and trying to find a cure. 35 years and $75 million dollars? That is nothing to sneeze at but...I wish it was more.

Coming from someone who suffers from diabetes and is dealing with some crazy foot pain for the past several months, I wish there was a cure. I wish more people were aware of it and how its effects. Since it is mostly internal, there is no way for people to understand the pain that comes with it, the sudden loss of energy, the constant bathroom breaks needed. It is frustrating. I wish they could do even more. I would LOVE to help with that as well.DocFB

Diagnosis: Thank you George and others who put their heart into causes such as this....


Carmen Electra Lesbian Make Out Footage Leaks

OK, so was this "accidentally" leaked or what?  I don't know if this tape is recent or old but aside from Carmen Electra doing a burlesque show, I haven't really heard of her doing anything recently. 

The tape is sad....but at the same time.....kind of hot.  Hot in the sense that Carmen's body is still banging and she can still move.  The whole grabbing for the guys junk....not so hot. 

You know, it's easier to like things like this when you don't exactly like the person. I like Carmen so I am conflicted and I thought she was better than this.  What do you think of the video?-Dr.FB


Carmen’s Electric Smile

Carmen Electra. Photo: GettyImages.com
Carmen Electra. Photo: GettyImages.com

Carmen Electra. Photo: GettyImages.com

Carmen Electra attended the premiere of "Oh Vey, My Son Is Gay" last week and was looking great.

Noticeably absent was her man from that rock group and her engagement ring. Hmm.-Dr.FB