Carmen Electra

Get On Up! Carmen Electra Releases New Video For “Werq”

Carmen Electra has invested a lot of time lately for what her famous in the first place: music. She has released an ode to “Pulp Fiction” video for her song “Werq“. “Werq” is the follow-up to Carmen’s single last year “We Like It Loud”. Carmen really doesn’t need to “Werq” it that much…but we like […]

Ellen Tries Hook Up Lenny Kravitz & Carmen Electra

Ever being the Jewish mother as Lenny Kravitz puts it, Ellen keeps trying to hook Lenny up with someone. First Natalie Portman. This time? Ellen’s guest DJ Carmen Electra. Well, it beats random audience members! Lenny played along, but did Carmen as well or she was really into it? Hmm. We would LOVE to talk […]

George Clooney Honored For Humanitarian Causes At Fund Raiser For Diabetes

With the lovely Stacy Kiebler at his side, George Clooney attended the 26th Anniversary Carousel Of Hope fund raiser for Diabetes where he was honored with the Brass Ring Award for his humanitarian causes. Stars that were there to raise diabetic awareness and honor George were Carmen Electra, Shirley MacClaine, Jane Fonda, Jennie Garth, Daisy […]