Catherine Hardwicke

Anime “Twilight?”

SCI FI Wire is reporting that there may be an anime version of Twilight in our future. According to this report, the dvd extras for Twilight include commentary from stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and director Catherine Hardwicke. During one exchange, Pattinson comments that he looks “Asian” in a particular scene.  I think he already […]

Twilight DVD Release To Be On 03/21

The Twilight DVD will be released  Saturday at Midnight on 03/21/09.  The reason for the release date on a Saturday is to increase and encourage midnight release parties around the country. Info on the DVD was given to MTV.Com: –Audio Commentary by director Catherine Hardwicke, and stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. –Five Extended Scenes […]

Chris Weitz Set To Direct Twilight Sequels

 The rumor mills are circling the Summit Entertainment is set to peg Chris Weitz to be the new director of the Twilight Sequels.  From what we hear, it is already a done deal and has been! Just like the Catherine Hardwhicke news of her not directing the sequels was announced on Sunday, it was actually […]

How Did Robert Pattinson Spend His Twilight Day At Number 1?

This guy makes the girls swoon eh?  Well, on his way out of New York, Robert Pattinson signed autographs and posed for pictures on his way out of the big apple. The $70.5 million Twilight brought in is the biggest opening by a female director.  I am sure Catherine Hardwicke is pleased to hear that.  Let’s see what […]