Chris Weitz Set To Direct Twilight Sequels

Chris Weitz Attends Golden Compass Premire.  File Photo

Chris Weitz Attends Golden Compass Premire. File Photo

 The rumor mills are circling the Summit Entertainment is set to peg Chris Weitz to be the new director of the Twilight Sequels.  From what we hear, it is already a done deal and has been!

Just like the Catherine Hardwhicke news of her not directing the sequels was announced on Sunday, it was actually known for some time that she would not be on board but they were trying to not have the news leak since she and the cast were overseas promoting the movie. 

They have known that Chris Weitz was their man all along, and although the rumors say they are courting him, they had him locked up before they let Catherine Hardwhicke go!  It makes logical sense for a movie of this magnitude that is going to have more than 2 sequels to have someone in place before letting the current director go.   So why haven’t they announced him as director yet?

It’s Hollywood politics at it’s best.  Summit does not want to appear all swarmy announcing the replacement of Hardwhicke so quickly. It’s also a way to make sure this is not negative publicity in the press and with Twilight’s legions of fans.  You can also look at it as they are weighing fan reaction to his hiring as well.

I imagine the time would be right sometime around this weekend or later.-Dr.FB




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