Bar Rafaeli Gives Us Her Version Of The Catwoman Outfit!

Bar Rafaeli tweeted this photo of herself yesterday and her body… straight ridiculous! I’ve seen her face look better but with an outfit like that, are you really looking at her face? Halloween and Catwoman outfits are going to be fun this Halloween.-DocFB

New “The Dark Knight Rises” Trailer Dominates The ‘Net

So much for waiting The Avengers movie to open this weekend in the U.S. to see the new trailer for “The Dark Knight Rises” Batman trailer. Within 1 day, the trailer was seen by 2 million people and also drove people overseas to see The Avengers movie last weekend where it pulled in $178 million […]

Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman “Dark Night” Fight Scene

Anne Hathaway. Photo:

Anne Hathaway was filmed doing a fight scene for “The Dark Knight Rises” as Catwoman in L.A. over the weekend.  Looks like Anne can avoid a punch pretty well. “The Dark Knight Rises”, the last of the Christopher Nolan Batman films, is set for release next summer, 2012.-Dr.FB Diagnosis:  What, No Batgirl?

The Official Batman “The Dark Knight Rises” Trailer Released! Watch Now

The new Batman “The Dark Knight Rises” trailer has been officially released.  That still is not stopping it from being taken down. A week after Batman “The Dark Knight Rises” hit the Internet, and was taken down everywhere, Warner Bros. has officially released the trailer.  It debuted with the new “Harry Potter & The Deathly […]

Lamar & Khloe As Batman & Catwoman

Lamar Odom & Khloe Kardashian celebrated Halloween in West Hollywood as Batman & Catwoman. Well..for Lamar it should be half-assed Batman. The cowl, the cape and the belt buckle. I guess his excuse is the rest of the outfit would not show off his huge…..ring.  Either that or the entire outfit would make not see […]