Michael Jordan On LeBum’s Decision “There’s No Way I Would Do It”

Michael Jordan. Photo:

Bill Parcells said it best.  “He hasn’t won anything yet.  Don’t anoint him.”  He was speaking of Tony Romo but the same can be said about LeBron James.  Until 2 weeks ago, LeBron James was called the “next Michael Jordan” and nicknames of “King James” and “The Chosen 1” when he doesn’t have a ring […]

NBA Finals; Kobe In, LeBron Out

Kobe Bryant kept up his part of the deal, making the NBA & Nike very happy.  LeBron….not so much. LeBron did not have 2 more Le Shot’s in him and his Cavs were eliminated last night from the playoffs by the Orlando Magic, who will face Kobe’s Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday. Will Nike have […]

Cavs Win! Cavs Win! Cavs Win! Right Questlove?

Where were you when Lebron James hit Le Shot last night with 0.1 seconds left?  What was your reaction?  Questlove showed us via his TWITTER. What did it look like?  Well….  I will say it, last night what Lebron did was impressive.  Hope the Lakers do get to play them in the Finals.  What a series […]