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Lady Gaga Tempted To Eat The Apple At Disney World

Lady Gaga & The Evil Queen. Photo:

Lady Gaga visited Disney World on Saturday and posed with the Evil Queen from Snow White.  It’s a different kind of Snow than Gaga is used to. She had to do that growl instead of just posing with the apple.  Didn’t surprise us Lady Extravaganza.  Oh well.  After releasing that horrible CD cover, I would […]

Did Kanye West Pull The “Covers” On Us?

Kanye West CD Cover "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"

It all started on Sunday with Kanye West saying his new CD cover was being banned in several places including Wal-Mart.   Wal-Mart has released a statement that they did not even see the artwork in question and did not ban it.  Here is Wal-Mart’s official statement they gave to Entertainment Weekly; “We’re excited about Kanye […]

Katy Perry Debuts “Teenage Dream” Cover

Katy Perry's Teenage Dream CD Cover

Katy Perry debuted her new CD cover for “Teenage Dream” and..even though she is “naked” on it, it is quite boring. Maybe it’s the clouds that look like cotton candy but it doesn’t move me. At the same time, I will say it does have a classic pose to it.  The cover was made by […]

Nelly Furtado Unveils New CD Cover

We told you last week about Nelly Furtado’s next CD being recorded all in spanish. Lucky for you, the cover is accessable in every language. Here is the cover for Mi Plan.  What do you think?-Dr.FB