Scene & Heard: PRINCE Shoots Screwdriver Video; Ocean Won’t Press Charges Against Brown

Hannah Ford Photo: Twitter.com/3rdEyeGirl

Scene & Heard:

PRINCE shot 2 music videos at his Paisley Park Studios Saturday night. One was for his soon to be hit song "Screwdriver" which will be available for download Feb. 4th and the other video was for.....

This marks the 3rd video shot in the past week at Paisley Park with L.O.L. (Living Out Loud) being shot earlier this week. The photo of Hannah Ford is above is from that video shoot.

The video shoot was posted on Facebook and Craigslist looking for extras 18-21 years old only. So if you were older, you just got screwdrivered!

If we have/get more info, we will let you know.

Frank Ocean has decided not to press charges against Chris Brown for attacking him in a recording studio last week over a parking space. The charge could have violated Brown's probation for beating Rihanna and would have given him jail time.

Why is it we never heard of Marvin Gaye getting into it with James Brown over a parking space? Or NSYNC versus Backstreet Boys. Or Christina Aguilera versus Britney? What is it about now. I mean don't get me wrong, if someone tries to take my 2 piece with a biscuit from me, sparks may fly. Seriously though. Stay young but act grown.-DocFB

Diagnosis: A parking spot. Are y'll serious?


Smackdown! Frank Ocean To Press Charges On Chris Brown After Alleged Fight

Chris Brown & Frank Ocean Photo: TheTimes.UK.CoAfter Chris Brown added Frank Ocean to his list of greatest hits over a parking spot of all things, Ocean is seriously thinking of pressing charges on Brown. Brown would be violating probation, which is still under for the Rihanna beating in 2009, and would be looking at jail time.

Brown received 5 years probation after being convicted of beating Rihanna. He got into a fight with Drake at a night club in New York last year, although charges were only pressed on each singer's crew.


The L.A. County Sheriff spokesman Steve Whitmore made the announcement this afternoon that Ocean is looking to press charges on Brown.

There has been no word from Brown on the situation although he said yesterday, he was eager to talk to police, he still hasn't.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Rihanna, Drake, and now Ocean. Wouldn't do that to Jay Z tho.....


Nicki Minaj Gets Attacked By A Man In A Hotel?

Nicki Minaj. Photo: Twitter.com/HelloHouston
Nicki Minaj. Photo: Twitter.com/HelloHouston

Nicki Minaj. Photo: Twitter.com/HelloHouston

Nicki Minaj allegedly was attacked by a man in a lavish Dallas hotel last night.  Nicki was by the hotel's pool where she got into a verbal fight with the man she was with and it got very loud.

The man went back to their hotel room and Nicki shortly followed.  The fight continued and at some point, police and paramedics were called.  Nicki was hit in her lower lip.

Despite the hit, Nicki did not want charges pressed against the man.  She let it be known that the man was not her boyfriend nor any other type of relationship was taking place with the individual.  An incident report was taken and nothing else.

Nicki nor her team has said anything publicly about the altercation.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  No More I Love You's


Brooke Mueller Checks Into Rehab

Charlie and Brooke Sheen www.blogspot.com

Charlie and Brooke Sheen

Charlie Sheen is really lucky.....and pretty smart.   Just when he is about to face charges in Denver for an incident with his wife Brooke Mueller and Brooke has just checked herself into drug rehab.

On the day of the incident, Charlie Sheen had a blood alcohol level of 0.5, a legal limit, while Brooke's was 3.7, way over the limit.  After saying that Charlie attacked her, she later recanted the story, but the police went ahead and charged Sheen.  When the charges were filed, Brooke was still wanting them dropped and has stated so.

Now, with her checking into rehab, it's going to hurt their case against him.  Now, did she really need help or is this all part of a plan to make sure Charlie gets off again?

Why do I have a feeling no one really cares regardless?-Dr.FB


Tyson Could Be Facing Up To 5 Years In Jail

Mike Tyson In Cop Car.  Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com
Mike Tyson In Cop Car.  Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Mike Tyson In Cop Car. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Mike Tyson's LAX incident where he hit a pap about 4 times, could be getting a lot worse.

It appears that Iron Mike could be violating his probation of a cocaine bust in Phoenix in 2007, where had 3 years probation.  if files are charged by the pap, Tyson could be looking at time behind bars, about 5 years to be exact.

So far, the photog is talking but has not pressed charges against Tyson.-Dr.FB