Ashley Greene Looks Like She Needs Come “Coca-Cola”

Ashley Greene. Photo:

Our favorite Twilight star is sporting a “Coca-Cola” shirt and it seems to us she needs some of that caffiene goodness! No woman likes to be told she looks tired…so….we will assume she had a hard work out as her body seems fit.  Although it is usually milk that does a body good, but it […]

Lindsay Lohan Makes Another Smart Decision. Ahem.

Lindsay Lohan. Photo:

Lindsay Lohan is doing another photo shoot and this time, she posed with a gun to her mouth.  I think I remember her doing that one time before.  This photo was posted late last night on Twitter and she may not have been able to party but one has to wonder when she will work again? She […]

Amy Winehouse: Drugs Are A Losing Game

It’s no secret that Amy Winehouse is now back with Blake Fielder-Civil. She is also back on the drugs. Amy was seen partying earlier this week and while stumbling exiting, she had white stuff around and in her nose. I don’t think she missed her mouth while eating powdered doughnuts. I will post the photos […]

Lindsay Lohan’s Coke Problem

I think it’s safe to say you have an addiction to Coke when you are double fisting it like Lindsay Slowhands Lohan is. The things people do to get over ex’s.  -Dr.FB

Lindsay Lohan Still Needs Cheeseburgers

Sometimes, we wish Jamie Spears would try to save Lindsay. I am starting to forget why Lindsay Slowhands Lohan was ever famous for to being with.  From the Parent Trap to the Coke trap.  Er..for legal reasons, I am talking about Lindsay’s addiction to Coke, the drink.  Whew.  Those shoes are just straight nasty.  See […]