Amy Winehouse: Drugs Are A Losing Game

It's no secret that Amy Winehouse is now back with Blake Fielder-Civil. She is also back on the drugs.

Amy was seen partying earlier this week and while stumbling exiting, she had white stuff around and in her nose. I don't think she missed her mouth while eating powdered doughnuts. I will post the photos later, but it really is sad sight.

7 months of sobriety (she still drank but no drugs.) down the drain. Recovery down the drain. Whether she knows it or not, Love Drugs Are A Losing Game.-Dr.FB

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  1. *big sigh*

  2. very funny “missed her mouth while eating powdered doughnuts”.. but in reality it is very sad cuz she has an amazin voice! poor woman hope someone will be able 2 get her off that poison soon!

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the next celebrity death….overdose

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