The Grammys Have A Problem

The Grammys last night had a problem.  Actually, they had a lot of problems and I am about to address some of them right now. First of all, the Grammys need to follow the Golden Globes lead and what the Oscars have done for years and that is go LIVE around the United States and […]

Sunday Morning With Brad Pitt

Brad seems to love him some commercial acting almost as much as his starring roles.  Mr. Jolie Pitt is always in some overseas commercial endorsing well…….HIMSELF! HA HA!  Smart dude, fu** the product its all about Brad in the end! Brad is still steamy as ever! Super SEXY on a Sunday morning, Enjoy 🙂

Billy Mays TV Spots Pulled; Results of Death Found

Billy Mays’ TV spots, his commercials, are being pulled until after July 6th when he will be buried. Those wishes were made by his family.  Billy Mays’ hit on the head Saturday on a US Airways was just a coincidence as Billy Mays passed away due to heart disease. We again want to send our […]