Video: Usher’s “Climax” Comes…On Strong! Funk It Or Dunk It?

"Climax" is the latest video from Usher and from the angry looks on the 2nd verse, he has us hooked.

The song is sung in his falsetto for a majority of the song.  There are no fancy dance moves, no taking off his shirt and it is not needed.

It is a solid song from Usher.  In fact, dare I saw his strongest since his "Confessions" CD.

We are definitely funking this one.

What do you think?  Funk it or dunk it?-DocFB


Burn! Usher Sex Tape To Be Released?

Usher Raymond File Photo

Usher Raymond File Photo

Just what the world needsl another celebrity sex tape!  This time, starring Usher n his ex-wife Tameka Foster.  Tameka has confirmed that her n Usher did make a sex tape while married.

Tameka is not pleased about it and Usher has yet to comment on the tape.  We wonder if Usher will file a lawsuit or just attempt to buy the video. 

We are sure Usher is not pleased that Tameka even confirmed that a video was made.

No word if Justin Bieber was the camera man.-Dr.FB