Congress To Turn Down The Volume Of TV Commercials

OK, does congress have other more important issues to worry about?  Yes.  Am I happy congress is getting involved in this?  Yes. Congress has made a bill entitled CALM, Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation, which is going to turn down the volume of commercials. It is one of the most annoying things in the world.  Watching […]

Nick Jonas Continues To Fight Diabetes

Nicks Simple Wins, Nick Jonas’s new web site to fight diabetes is now online and the singer has teamed with Bayer. Nick, who has diabetes has been a proponent for more diabetes care to prevent the disease, has spoken in front of congress and will speak later this month at a National Press Club to talk […]

Congress Pushes Back TV Switch To June 12th

If you are not ready for the digital TV switchover, you are in luck! The switchover will now take place in June instead of in a few weeks. Congress stepped in and approved the delay.-Dr.FB