Video: Prince & Larry Graham Get Funky In Nikka Costa’s Box

Larry Graham, Nikka Costa, & Prince. Photo: Latisha Alsys

Nikka’s Box this week is even funkier with Prince and bass legend Larry Graham jamming with Nikka Costa. This footage is from The NPG Festival last month in Copenhagen, Denmark. Gotta love that live footage.  Speaking of live footage, you all see that thing we sneaked on you this weekend on our Facebook Fan Page?  […]

Official Prince/NPG Music & Art Festival After Party Info!

Copenhagen! We just got word that there will be an official after party by Prince & The NPG for the NPG Music And Art Festival.  It will be held at Amager Bio, the same place the pre-party was held on Friday. No word on if they will be performing or not but that is how they will be […]

Prince Sound Checking In Copenhagen

Prince "Welcome 2 Europe" Tour - Copenhagen

Here is a photo of Prince sound checking in Copenhagen August 5th before the NPG Music & Art Festival day 1 that took place Saturday. We hear day 1 had some rain that cut the funk short. here is hoping for clear skies for day 2.-Dr.FB Diagnosis: More photos on the way!!!!

Chicago Denied Olympics

Chicago was eliminated as host of the Olympic Games in 2016. I didn’t think the U.S. had a chance until President Obama agreed to go to Copenhagen. I am still surprised they were not awarded the games. What do you think about the Olympics and the United States not getting it?-Dr.FB P.S. Congrats to Rio […]