Costume Institute Gala

Anne Hathaway Doesn’t Take Breath Away

Anne Hathaway usually looks stunning so let me say that right off the bat.  Last night, though, anything but. We like the color but the shell top is not working and the dress is too short, even with those long legs, it still comes up showing too much.  It looks like half of a halter […]

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Beil Attend The Met

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Beil attended the Met on Monday night for the Costume Institute Gala.  Justin cleans up well with specs to match and Jessica Rabbit Beil looks hot and appetizing herself. Justin Timberlake will be hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend with musical gust Ciara so expect a hot performance between those 2 […]

No Gossip About It; Blake Lively Is Beautiful

Blake Lively of Gossip Girl looked faboosh on the red carpet at the Met center Monday night. I am starting to wonder why I am not watching Gossip Girl with talent like Blake on the show.  Maybe summer reruns or another time.  But Blake sure makes me want to watch…the show that is.  Mind out […]

Madonna Goes Back To The 80’s

Madonna attended the Costume event at the Met last night but took the word costume to a whole different level. While everyone made glam appearances, Madonna had something that looked like the world’s biggest scrunchie in her hair along with a green corset(?) dress with those oh so muscular arms of her showing.  This is […]

Rihanna Makes First Public Appearance Since Incident

This is Rihanna’s first public appearence since the incident with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. I am not talking about getting seen at the club or being seen with other stars.  I am talking red carpet.  Rihanna wore a suit with puffy shoulders and some pretty heavy make-up.  She did not really talk to the press, just […]