Friends Reunited! Jennifer Aniston & Courtney Cox

Here is a clip from the Season Premiere of Cougar Town on Wednesday featuring Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston!

Friends forever? Most def. Cougers forever? Highly doubt it!

Regardless, watch the clip and let us know what you think.-Dr,FB


“Cougar Town” Will Not Change Name

Courtney Cox.  Photo: ABC/James White.

Courtney Cox. Photo: ABC/James White.

Creator Bill Lawrence hates the name as do I, but they cannot come up with a better one so "Cougar Town" will stay the name of the Courtney Cox hit ABC show. 

Lawrence said it may be the worst title for a show ever. 

The reason they were even changing it is because they felt the title was hurting it's Emmy chances and also felt the title did not match the show.

It may not be the worst title ever for a show, but maybe for a successful show.  They all can't be winners like "Scrubs" can they Bill?  ;)

Regardless, I am looking forward to new episodes this fall. Do you watch Cougar Town?-Dr.FB


Sheryl Crow To Join Cougar Town

Courtney Cox & Sheryl Crow. Photo: People.com
Courtney Cox & Sheryl Crow. Photo: People.com

Courtney Cox & Sheryl Crow. Photo: People.com

Sheryl Crow will be joining Courtney Cox and the cast of Cougar Town.  She will be featured on the show with a recurring role.

Guess she is taking a break from music.  Hope it goes smoothly because I am digging on Cougar Town and Modern Family.

What do you think of Sheryl Crow joining the cast?-Dr.FB


Filming To Resume On Cougar Town

Courtney Cox.  Photo: TheInsider.com
Courtney Cox.  Photo: TheInsider.com

Courtney Cox. Photo: TheInsider.com

Whatever family drama Courtney Cox had, it seems it is over.

Filming of the show was put on hiatus over the weekend so Courtney Cox could do with a private family matter. It is now being announced that filming will resume after Thanksgiving on Monday.

OK, who here thinks maybe, jut maybe, she did not want to work on Thanksgiving week and wanted some "me" time before having to see the family for Thanksgiving?  Shoot, I wouldn't blame her.  

Some may call it a diva move if true, but come on, wouldn't you want a whole week off when it came to Thanksgiving or Christmas? I know I would.-Dr.FB