Chaka Khan Gains Temporary Custody Of Granddaughter

Chaka Khan 2011

Chaka Khan has won temporary custody of her 10-year-old granddaughter because the girls parents are drug addicts. Chaka says she has already assumed day-to-day control of the child and filed for custody last week.  What is interesting is that the mother who is the drug addict is in the same house as Chaka and the granddaughter. Chaka’s sister Tammy McCrary also […]

Maria Shriver Files For Divorce From Arnold

Maria Shriver & Schwarzenegger File Photo

Maria Shriver is celebrating this 4th of July weekend by filing for divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold was given the heads up as him and Maria are on speaking terms. There was never a pre-nup in the 25 year marriage so everything will be split 50/50. The couple seems to hoping for a clean and […]

Jesse James Is In One Hot Mess

Jesse James.

Even Jesse James’s neighbors are pissed at him now.  The media coverage his affair on Sandra Bullock is causing his neighbors to fight with photographers over the weekend.  Jesse we hear is very upset with the whole affair situation and that Sandra has left him and moved out.   Jesse is still wearing his wedding ring […]

Debbie Rowe Is NOT Taking Payout Over Kids

Despite a report from the New York Post, (the New York Post people come on!) Debbie Rowe is NOT taking a $ 4 million dollar payout over the kids to let Katherine Jackson be their guardian. I must admit, it seems the Debbie Rowe stories coming out, and there are a lot of them, all […]