Dance Contest

Miss USA Rima Fakih Keeps Crown

Rima Fakih. Photo:

Newly crowned Miss USA Rima Fakih had to deal with a “scandal” a day after she won the contest.  It appears Rima was involved with a dance contest on a stripper pole in Michigan back in 2007..where she kept her clothes on.  Oh, the horror. We hear the Arab beauty is receiving media training to […]

7 Year Old Doing “Single Ladies” Is Causing A Stir

What the what?  These girls are 7 years old. I can’t tell if the parents are cheering at first or in shock? So 7 year old’s doing “Single Ladies” by Beyonce in outfits like that?  Hmm.  This is the week of being inappropriate, isn’t it?  What do YOU think?-Dr.FB