7 Year Old Doing “Single Ladies” Is Causing A Stir

What the what?  These girls are 7 years old. I can't tell if the parents are cheering at first or in shock?

So 7 year old's doing "Single Ladies" by Beyonce in outfits like that?  Hmm. 

This is the week of being inappropriate, isn't it?  What do YOU think?-Dr.FB

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  1. I had no problem with it! If people have a problem with what the girls had on and how they danced. Don’t go to Cheerleading, Dance, Ice Skating or Gymnastic competitions!! Especially in the Urban Community!!!!! Cause They Will “DROP IT LIKE IT’S HOT”!

  2. Terrible and funny. I blame Beyonce

  3. So friggen sad……… how adults can use and present kids in such a sexual way is just Mind Blowing.

    Goodness the world is getting worse and worse…. how low can we go….

    Musgrave – Chicago

  4. They are too young to be dressing and dancing like this. Shame on the parents for allowing their children to go out on stage like this.

  5. So sad why would the parents allow something like that so sad.

  6. That’s disgusting and shameful. The parents should be questioned on how they allowed their little 7 year old girls to prance across the stage like slutty whores gyrating their pelvises and shaking their asses in front of adults. That video should be deleted from youtube, and I can imagine the crazy ass, sexual predators looking at that video. I am disgusted that parents are so obseesed with their children trying to reach stardom, that they would subject their 7 year olds to practically do a stand up lap dance on stage in front of adults. That performance should not have been allowed. Shame, Shame, and maybe Beyonce should take another look at the image she is projecting to young girls.

  7. Ah yes…the sexualization of little kids….GROSS….bet the parents would FREAK if some pedophile got turned by this…what do we expect when we send them out into the world like this ?? Sheesh !

  8. I want to meet the dumb assed adults who thought this was a good idea. Some women in this society to already too hyper-sexual and it makes no damn sense to start kids out this early.

    Plus I am wondering why people are acting like this is some new phenomenon. They make thongs for little girls, for Christ sakes.

  9. Well I have an 8yr old daughter and I wouldn’t let her perform in that outfit or that dance. Those moves are way too much for children. They could have played it down a little more since they are so young!

  10. OK it is a little skimpy but Beyonce hardly wears much either & is showin more boob every time; they r just copying their rolemodel…Besides it is just for the performance, do not really think they will go 2 school in that outfit ;0) at least i hope not LOL
    The kids danced fenomenally and that is what bothered me most about this video: how much time and drill these little girls must have had 2 get this routine down!! I suspect there is there is the real scary part.

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