Dane Cook Calls Out Vanessa Hudgens For Nude Photos

This did NOT make it into the telecast of the Teen Choice Awards, but Dane Cook called out Vanessa Hudgens for her nude photos being released.

Check it out! Wonder what Vanessa was trying to tell him when they pulled away from her. Was Dane right for doing that?-Dr.FB


Video: Dane Cook & Chris Daughtry Cover “Growing Pains” Theme

OK, is one of them following my twitter tweets?

2 days ago,  I joked how easily the "Growing Pains" theme can get stuck in your head.  To prove it to people, all I twittered was "Show me that smile again.." and people were telling me it was stuck in their head all day.

Perhaps Chris Daughtry or Dane Cook saw it and it got stuck in their heads as well? Coincidence? I think not.

BTW, we have been leaving stuff like that and a few other exclusive news tidbits sometimes not meant for this site on our twitter page, which we have made new and improved.

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Dane Cook’s Brother Steals Millions From Him

Dane Taken For Millions.  File Photo
Dane Taken For Millions.  File Photo

Dane Taken For Millions. File Photo

Keeping it in the family may not be the best idea in Hollywood.  Case in point, Dane Cook.

Darryl McCauley, Dane Cook's brother, who has been in charge of his famous brother's finances since Dane's success, was arrested yesterday by Massachusetts police after he forged a check of his brother's for $ 3 million dollars.  Dang!  That is some serious cheddar right there.  Wonder how often he did that?  For that high of an amount?

Dane has yet to release a statement and his brother will be arraigned later today.-Dr.FB