Dania Ramirez Gives Us & Men’s Fitness The 2 Piece With A Biscuit

Men's Fitness has gotten hip to Dania Ramirez, featuring her in their magazine giving us the "2 Piece With A Biscuit" meal. The men's magazine showed us in that beautiful purple bathing suit and an interview.

They asked about her biggest vice:

"Laughing inappropriately at moments that aren't funny. I have a few others I can't talk about."

On why she gets in trouble:

"I'm pretty open, and I'll say and do anything. I was that 13-year-old coming home with a 17-year-old boyfriend."

On when she's at her sexiest:

"On a beach, in my swimsuit - or not!"

If Dania, seems familiar to Drfunkenberry readers, she should. We first featured back in 2009 with the photo below. Enjoy!-DocFB

Dania Ramirez. Photo: DaniaRamriezfan.com


Prince Upset As New Song “$” Leaks Online

Will The $ Be Shared?  Do We need A Stimulus Package?
Will The $ Be Shared?  Do We need A Stimulus Package?

Prince is upset with Dania Ramirez. Either Dania or director Sanaa Hamri leaked Prince's new tune titled: "$"

The 3 of them were in the process of creating a video for the song when someone (No one has come forward as of yet) leaked the song online.

In these days when piracy is rampant, the thought of one of the main dance trax from the new cd titled "Lotusflow3r" leaking ahead of schedule makes the heart stop! 

We are being asked if you come across the song online, please pretend you never read this post and delete the song immediately without listening.  Please wait for the offical CD release...which will be any day now.

If you can...

(This tip was sent in by a no-name reporter and...I really really don't think I can. Will you all have more self control than me if found?-Dr.FB)