Bobby Z. & Andre Cymone Talk PRINCE & Music History! Watch Now!

Seth, Doc, Bobby Z, & Andre Cymone Screencap: Baron

Fresh off of playing "Purple Rain" with PRINCE & 3rdEyeGirl on Saturday, former "Revolution" member Bobby Z. joined us on spreecast with myself & Seth Everett. That's not all. Andre Cymone joined us as well to talk about the early days of PRINCE and the Minneapolis Sound!

Bobby shared his experience of playing with PRINCE again and we had Andre on to talk about his song "My Best Friend" dedicated to his mother Bernadette Anderson.

Bobby went to say how much Mrs. Anderson meant to everyone and then the stories of the infamous basement and rehearsal jams started. Epic.

Make sure to catch all the action above!

We want to thank Bobby Z., Andre, U, and PRINCE for this amazing show.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Now...about those plastic pants....


Jennifer Grey Talks About The 25th Anniversary Of “Dirty Dancing”

This past week was the 25th Anniversary of "Dirty Dancing" and Jennifer Grey was in the limelight talking about her role and the movie.

Los Angeles Local News, Weather, and Traffic

She did an in-depth interview with our friends at Good Day L.A. and we really enjoyed it.

She had the nose job heard around the world and still looks good for her age....although her nose may not be the only thing that has gotten work.

Have the time of your life watching the interview above.-DocFB


Dania Ramirez Gives Us & Men’s Fitness The 2 Piece With A Biscuit

Men's Fitness has gotten hip to Dania Ramirez, featuring her in their magazine giving us the "2 Piece With A Biscuit" meal. The men's magazine showed us in that beautiful purple bathing suit and an interview.

They asked about her biggest vice:

"Laughing inappropriately at moments that aren't funny. I have a few others I can't talk about."

On why she gets in trouble:

"I'm pretty open, and I'll say and do anything. I was that 13-year-old coming home with a 17-year-old boyfriend."

On when she's at her sexiest:

"On a beach, in my swimsuit - or not!"

If Dania, seems familiar to Drfunkenberry readers, she should. We first featured back in 2009 with the photo below. Enjoy!-DocFB

Dania Ramirez. Photo: DaniaRamriezfan.com


Rihanna Admits To Oprah “I Miss Chris Brown”

Rihanna, Chris Brown/File photo

In the latest preview clip of the Oprah/Rihanna interview on the OWN network this Sunday, Rihanna admits that she misses Chris Brown. Not the incident, but the fun times they shared.

When she talks about Chris, it sometimes comes off little girl lost. It seems she wishes the incident never happened and they were together. Perhaps, the little girl lost is more that the girl's innocence was lost.

You sometimes wonder if Oprah is going to shake her and go "Girl, come on now!"

Chris has remained mum on the Oprah interview. What would he be able to say anyway?


Pink: “Buy My New Album Or You’re A Whore!”

Pink stopped by our friend at 102.7 KIIS FM JoJo On The Radio in Los Angeles and said straight up; "buy her new album or you're a whore!" which Pink reiterated.

Jojo titled the video Pink is crazy. Maybe for the whore comment or maybe for her use of the "We're number 1" finger salute. She also does an irish jug. Hilarious!

The album is due September 18th and is titled "The Truth Above Love" and features her latest single "Blow Me (One Last Kiss) which is out now.-DocFB

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Video: Rihanna Gets Tearful Over Chris Brown; “I Lost My Best Friend; “Who’s Going To Help Him?”

Rihanna & Chris Brown Earlier The Night Of The Beating. Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Rihanna opens up to Oprah Winfrey this weekend on her Next Chapter Show which airs on her network OWN. In the interview, Rihanna opens up about Chris Brown and gets tearful.

In talking about the night where Chris Brown beat her and what followed, she says "She lost her best friend" and at the same time worried about "Who was going to look after him" now that she can't.

The restraining order that was put in place to keep Chris away from Rihanna has been long gone and since then, they have recorded songs together and have hung out in clubs, never arriving together, but hanging out nonetheless.

One has to wonder; if Rihanna forgave Chris Brown and got back together with him, would be people be in outrage, or would they forgive Chris because she has?-DocFB


80’s Singer Sheena Easton Talks About Working With Music Icon Prince

In the 80's Sheena Easton had hits like "Morning Train", "Telephone" and the James Bond Theme "For Your Eyes Only" and then she worked with Prince where more hits kept coming. "Strut" then "Sugar Walls" which Prince wrote and she collaborated with him on "U Got The Look", "La, La La, He He He He", "The Arms Of Orion" and he wrote more songs for her including "101" and "Eternity" for her "Lover In Me" album.

She recently performed a concert with other 80's diva's Oliva Newton-John and The Pointer Sisters. To promote the concert, she did an interview where she discussed working with Prince.