Daniel Radcliffe

The Cast Of Harry Potter Takes In Halloween

Daniel Radciffe, Rupert Grint and a majority of the Harry Potter cast attended a Harry Potter Halloween party in London over the weekend.  You remember, the things kids were obsessing about before Twilight? It seems at the start Daniel Radcliffe was not too keen with paps who were hanging outside as he tried to get […]

Video: Robert Pattinson Versus Daniel Radcliffe

Is Robert Pattinson jealous of Daniel Radcliffe and his Harry Potter success? Is Daniel Radcliffe jealous of Robert Pattinson & his Twilight success? Jimmy Fallon finds these YouTube videos and shares them with us. So do you guys like both? Are you only a Potterhead? Do you only take a bite for Twilight? Let us […]

Harry Potter Brings In $160 Million In First 5 Days

Harry Potter pulled down Bruno’s pants and gave him a spanking at the box office. Bringing in just under $80 million it’s opening weekend and $160 million in it’s first 5 days. How did Bruno do?  Just a little over $8 million to place at number 4 and a huge drop off from opening weekend, […]

The New York Premiere Of “Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince”

The New York Premiere was a lot kinder to the cast of “Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince” then the London Premiere has. It was a lot more kinder for Emma Watson.  At the London Premiere, while trying to adjust herself, she gave the world an up-skirt shot.  Thankfully, she was wearing some knickers.  She […]

Harry Potter Premiere Gets Rained On

It has been pouring on the cast of Harry Potter for a year now with “Twilight” trying to take away heat from the Potter franchise.  On Tuesday in London, the rain continued in the physical sense. At the premiere in London, it came pouring down at the red carpet but the Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe […]