Video Premiere: American Idol’s David Archuleta “Something ‘Bout Love”

David Archuleta has a new video out for "Something 'Bout Love" and it is still getting a bigger push than last year's winner Kris Allen. Grr.

So here is Archuleta losing a little bit of that pretty boy look as he grows up. Don't worry Justin Bieber, it's gonna hit you next!

So check out "Something 'Bout Love" and let me know if we should Funk it or Dunk it?-Dr.FB


Video: David Archuleta On Hannah Montana

Here is a peak of David Archuleta on Miley Cyrus's TV show Hannah Montana acting  and doing a duet.  David comes a little....happy.  Not sure if we are allowed to use the other word. 

Listen, we love David, but would love him even more if he wasn't touching Clay Aiken territory on his business decisions. That's all.-Dr.FB