Video: David Archuleta On Hannah Montana

Here is a peak of David Archuleta on Miley Cyrus's TV show Hannah Montana acting  and doing a duet.  David comes a little....happy.  Not sure if we are allowed to use the other word. 

Listen, we love David, but would love him even more if he wasn't touching Clay Aiken territory on his business decisions. That's all.-Dr.FB

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  1. i can say that David Archuleta has some great potential. all he need is more epxerience ~”*

  2. David Archuleta and David Cook are both good and i can’t see no difference between their performance~~,

  3. David Archuleta has a great voice but i do think that it is not the best voice-*:

  4. David Archuleta is great but for me, the best is still Kelly Clarkson`~*

  5. David Archuleta is definitely one of the best singer in American Idol.~”

  6. Hannah Montana is a great show, really hoping that they bring it back for another season, have you heard anything about Hannah Montana next season?

  7. Great post on hannah montana good to see you more active again

  8. You obviously care enough to post here so thank you. :)

  9. how about critiquing the song – there is really no need to project your issues onto what is a vocally great performance by david with miley in this clip. and if your assertion is that there is something, oh my god, gay about this performance – please….. you’re not clever and that tired dog woon’t hunt….. in the grand scheme, who gives a crap about any of that – the song is going to do very well for both miley and david, while you’ll still be relegated to the hinterlands of the internet, trying to find someone who gives a damn about you and this mediocre imitation of a blog.

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