Deluxe Edition

Adam Lambert Releases “Trespassing” Track List Of Deluxe Edition!

Adam Lambert's Trespassing Tracklist Deluxe Edition

Like a thief in the night, Adam Lambert dropped the track list of the deluxe edition of “Trespassing” his upcoming album. “Pop That Lock” started trending on Twitter faster than you can say “Cuckoo” and then Adam tweeted: Pop That Lock: “Banshee Boys and Dancey Girls get down” “Trespassing comes out May 15th and the […]

Exclusive! Details On New Lenny Kravitz Deluxe Edition Set

LK Super Deluxe. Photo: Mathieu Bitton

This arrived in our mail box over night and we wanted to share this information of the Deluxe Edition of “Black & White America” by Lenny Kravitz which you will be able to pre-order tomorrow June 22nd. The deluxe edition includes: • 46-page hardcover book of photos from the 2-year making of the album • […]